Thursday, November 15, 2012

American Patriots

I'm not going to lie I was VERY skeptical when I received this book because emblazoned on the back cover was a big ol' endorsement from Glenn Beck. I don't think of myself as a giant liberal or anything but Beck inspires fear and disbelief. Putting aside my obvious dislike for a reviewer I cleared my mind and launched into Rick Santorum's second novel (It Takes A Family was published in 2005).

American Patriots is a beautifully written collection of twenty five accounts of real life American heroes from the Revolutionary War period. Their heroic feats aren't widely known and were it not for this book most Americans would never know of their great deeds. They may have been virtually unknown but their stories remind us of what determination and fearlessness our country was founded on.

This book is small and compact and will take no time at all to read. It would make a perfect gift this Christmas for the history buff or ardent patriot in your family. It's a great addition to any collection. A great and inspiring read.

I received a free copy of American Patriots by Rick Santorum from Tyndale Press in exchange for this review.

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